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Profile of a saint joseph school graduate

The guiding principles of Saint Joseph School are founded on the Ten Commandments lived out within a learning and formative environment. As a result of a Saint Joseph School education:
...graduates will live their Catholic faith by: 
  • embracing the influence of God in every aspect of their lives
  • recognize the need to serve God through others and the church
  • remain committed to their faith and values

...graduates will demonstrate the quality of their education by:

  • having the skills necessary to be prepared for the rigors of college-prep and advanced high school programs
  • developing strong study skills and disciplined work habits
  • thinking critically and solving problems
  • continuing to grow as a lifelong learner

...graduates will develop leadership by:

  • taking an active role in serving their communities and church
  • striving to be functional, self-sufficient and positive contributors to society
  • establishing themselves as role models with honor and dignity in all things
  • working cooperatively with others to accomplish goals
  • becoming resourceful in times of difficulty or when faced with adversity
  • communicating openly and effectively
  • using their talents, blessings and gifts to be a service to others

...graduates will continue to demonstrate strong moral character by...

  • displaying honesty and integrity in all interactions
  • remaining kind and compassionate with others
  • living truthfully in all relationships and communications
  • accepting full responsibility for actions and following through on commitments
  • forgive those who offend
  • act with compassion towards those less fortunate.


    • Saint Joseph School believes that all children have the potential to be lifelong learners
    • Saint Joseph School values and respects every child
    • Saint Joseph School is committed to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of each child
    • Saint Joseph School believes it is essential for each child to have understanding of and compassion for others
    • Saint Joseph School strives to deliver quality education
    • Saint Joseph School enables all children to learn through a variety of teaching strategies across the curriculum, designed to help them reach their fullest potential
    • Saint Joseph School partners with the family, parish, and the community at large in the education of the whole child.