Upper School Faculty

  • Mrs. Nicole Caraballo, grade 5                                                                                                          caraballon@sjsusa.org

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    Mrs. Nicole Caraballo has her BS from Dominican College and has been teaching grades 5 and 6 in Catholic school for three years. She was a facilitator for the Archdiocese ELA Curriculum Mapping project and brings a wonderful enthusiasm to her classroom.  She and her husband enjoy nature, hiking, and spending time with their new son.

  • Mr. Marcel Hart, Grade 6 and Math 6-8                                                                                                      hartm@sjsusa.org

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    Mr. Marcel Hart joins the SJS faculty after an extensive career in the West New York Public Schools. He has a Master's Degree from New Jersey City University and a Bachelor's Degree from Metropolitan State University, Denver, Colorado. Mr.Hart also holds a Master's of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is a K - 8 NJDOE certified teacher and highly qualified in Mathematics. Mr. Hart is proficient in Google classroom and Promethean Board for classroom instruction. Mr. Hart is an active member of Our Lady of Grace Church, Fairview. He also enjoys playing chess and will serve as the Advisor to the Chess club. 

  • Mr. Matt Withers, Grade 7 and Science 5-8                                                                                          withersm@sjsusa.org

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    Mr.  Matthew Withers is starting his fourth year at St. Joseph School. He has his Bachelor's Degree from Richard Stockton University and is certified in both Elementary Education and Middle School Science.  In addition, he is a Co-Moderator of the St. Joseph School Literary Club and Moderator of the Science Club Mythbusters.  Mr. Withers is a huge fan of the NJ Devils and Maryland Terps.  Mr. Withers is  thrilled to share his love of learning with the Saint Joseph School students.

  • Ms. Adrienne Zuccaro, Grade 8 and Spanish 5-8                                                                                zuccaroa@sjsusa.org
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    Ms. Adrienne Zuccaro brings thirteen (13) years of teaching experience in both the Catholic and public school settings.  Her love of language is evident at Saint Joseph School. Ms. Zuccaro is an accomplished linguist; fluent in English, Italian and Spanish. She earned her Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from Caldwell University and holds an undergraduate degree from there as well.    Ms. Zuccaro enjoys supporting her family’s business, spending time with friends, and caring for her three dogs:  Bello, Nika, and Colita.

  • miss Brielle Babiar, Enlish/Literature grades 6-8                                                                               babiarb@sjsusa.org

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    A Saint Joseph School graduate, Miss Brielle Babiar earned a degree in English from California State University - Long Beach. She has taught composition courses as well as SAT Verbal preparation classes. Miss Babiar has a passion for creative writing and has published works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. She returned home to New Jersey to pursue a Master of Arts in English at Rutgers University.   In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and yoga.

  • Mr. Paul Juszcyk, Social Studies Grades 6-8                                                                                        juszcykp@sjsusa.org

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    Mr. Juszcyk holds a BA degree in Communications and a Master Degree in Social Sciences with a concentration in History. He is the Co-founder of the The Saturday Afternoon Poets and author of four poetry books. He is also published in various magazines and anthologies and conducts writing workshops and guest lectures at various schools, libraries and other venues. Mr. Juszcyk is certified in Elementary Education and Social Sciences. He was honored as “Teacher of the Month” in 2003 and has won praise for improving Terra Nova test scores and for his expertise as a teacher of Social Studies, Language Arts and Religion.