Course Work

Saint Joseph School provides a comprehensive academic program for its students by concentrating on fundamental skills and higher order concepts and learning techniques.  The curriculum is based on Archdiocesan and New Jersey Core Curriculum standards. 

Recognition of and provision for the differentiation of the needs and abilities of the students are prime concerns.  The school strives to instill a genuine appreciation for life-long learning. 

A child’s intellectual development begins with the presentation of organized subject matter.  Early Childhood is the time devoted to learning through activity and experience.  Each child is encouraged and challenged to learn at his/her own pace and ability, while also learning how to function within the structure of a group setting. In the primary grades, the basic skills necessary for future studies are taught in a logical and concrete way.  As the student enters the intermediate grades, new concepts are introduced, emphasizing the abstract. Inferential, critical thinking, and decision-making skills are integral parts of the learning process, along with higher order thinking skills and the ability to problem solve.

In order to meet the needs of all learners, classroom instruction includes a variety of techniques, designed to address the variety of learning modalities present in a mixed ability student grouping. Reading includes a combination of basal texts and leveled readers, to reach the student at, above or below grade level.  Alternate assessments are provided to the students, which may take the form of oral reports, three-dimensional projects or computer created power point presentations.  Traditional assessments are also tailored to the needs of individual students who may need a test read to them, rather than taking it solely in writing.

Student learning centers are designed to enhance day-to-day instruction and to meet the intellectual needs of the learner able to move ahead at a faster pace.  Activities provided in the centers challenge the imagination and foster independence.