The Saint Joseph School Before and Aftercare Program is open to all grades and serves families on school days only. On half days before holidays there is no Aftercare.  

Beforecare doors open at 7:15am and takes place in the classroom next to the Lower School's Main Office. 

Aftercare begins at school dismissal and takes place in the same classroom. Aftercare remains open until 6:00 pm daily. At school's dismissal, students are escorted to the Aftercare room and attendance is taken.  Upper School students report on their own, crossing with the crossing guard on duty at the intersection of Elm and Grand Streets. 

All students enjoy a light snack, have an opportunity to do homework/study, play board games, watch a video, and/or play in the gymnasium or outdoors depending upon weather. 

Billing is on a monthly basis and all payments are due on the 15th of each month. 


Beforecare Rate:        $5.00 per 1 child

                                      $7.00 per 2 children

                                      $8.00 per 3+ children. 

Aftercare Rates:          $6.00/hour - 1 child
                                       $8.00/hour - 2 children
                                       $11.00/hour - 3+ children

Beforecare does not require a registration. Please click the Registration Form to enroll in the Aftercare program.